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One Tree ID, Platanus acerifolia, ID 20220627 is available online.


Get DIY Kit and meet the Tree:

Nettelbeckplatz, Berlin, DE.


The project Urban Trees Berlin  is kindly supprted by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media, Neustart Kultur program of the BBK Berlin, 2022.


One Tree ID, Platanus acerifolia, ID 20220627, Nettelbeckplatz, Berlin

9,00 €Price
  • Like humans, trees and plants have their individual scent. One Tree ID condenses the olfactive identity of a specific tree into a complex perfume which enables human visitors to apprehend the tree’s communication system at a biochemical level.

  • The perfume recepy is based on VOC gas emissions of the tree.

    ID variations are signed and numbered:

    • 2ml DIY Kit ::: 2ml perfume in a 4cm * 10cm packing

    • 15ml ::: 15ml perfume in a 4cm * 10cm packing, signed

    • Deluxe Kit ::: 21cm*15cm*1cm, with the following perfumes: 2ml One Tree ID, 2ml Cloud of the Roots, 2ml Cloud of the Stem and 2ml Cloud of the Crown.

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