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Freiburg, DE 2020

One Tree ID, Stone Pine

Exhibition: Agnes Meyer-Brandis, One Tree ID // Oeko-Logics, Freiburg, DE, 2020

Location: Museum für Stadtgeschichte Münsterplatz, Freiburg, DE Date: 18. Oct. - 29. Nov. 2020

The exhibition takes place in the scope of the project: Eco-logics - The New Spheres of the World / Öko-logics - Die neuen Sphären der Welt Produced & curated by Dr. Nicoletta Torcelli & Dr. Yvonne Ziegler. With a new „One Tree ID“ perfume of a Stone Pine - measured and synthesized in cooperation with Dr. Juergen Kreuzwieser, University of Freiburg, Ecosystem Physiology and Marc vom Ende, senior perfumer. Symrise.

Credits and Scientific Partners “One Tree ID – Stone Pine” was realized in collaboration with Dr. Jürgen Kreuzwieser, Professur für Baumphysiologie und Forstbonatinik der Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg and Marc vom Ende, Senior Perfumer, Symrise. In the scope of the exhibition „Oeko-Logics“ curated by Dr. Nicoletta Torcelli und Dr. Yvonne Ziegler.

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