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One Tree ID, Acer platanoides, ID 20210625 is available online.


Exhibition: gREn Sampling Color – Farbe Vermessen. Living installations & symposium

07. - 16. 09.2021

Muffatwerk München / Munich, DE

One Tree ID, Acer platanoides, ID 20210625

17,00 €Price
  • Like humans, trees and plants have their individual scent. One Tree ID condenses the olfactive identity of a specific tree into a complex perfume which enables human visitors to apprehend the tree’s communication system at a biochemical level.

  • The perfume recepy is based on VOC gas emissions of the tree.

    ID variations are signed and numbered:

    • 2ml DIY Kit ::: 2ml perfume in a 4cm * 10cm packing

    • 15ml ::: 15ml perfume in a 4cm * 10cm packing, signed

    • Deluxe Kit ::: 21cm*15cm*1cm, with the following perfumes: 2ml One Tree ID, 2ml Cloud of the Roots, 2ml Cloud of the Stem and 2ml Cloud of the Crown.

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